Opulent Scarves

 Wardrobe Wow!  

Look how many ways you can wear them -- from casual to "full glam"! 
Send a photo of your favorite variation.

floral flower scarf

Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- gives your style as many options as a scarf!  Do a casual knot over a black sweater and you're ready to go out to dinner.  Drape one over your arms as a stole and now you're glamorous

Center it so it hangs down front and back over your shoulder and add a belt to hold it in place and you've got that elusive business casual.

   Click here for abstracts and geometrics 
Want even more style?  Easy peasy!  Take any of the ways to wear a scarf shown above and experiment with patterns.  Choose neutral colors and you've got urban and edgy.  Take a bold floral and you've got opulence.  Or select a geometric for when you're chairing a big meeting and your styles needs to say "I'm in charge here!" 

Not sure what the dress code will be?  You can’t ever go wrong with abstract or geometric patterns!  Abstracts tend to be artistic so they’re never boring.  Geometrics tell the crowd that you’re a woman of substance and intellect.  Let’s discuss important topics of the day, not petty gossip (until maybe after a few drinks. . .)

Your Complimentary Consultation

You'll be wearing my artwork, and we both want you to look your best!   Each scarf comes with a 20 minute online session to be sure that you know all the artistic features that I've built in to each design.  With large and strategically created artwork, I can make your narrow shoulders widen and  your stomach disappear.  And those bulges that evil bras make on our backs?  Poof! and they're gone, like magic.

Just as I can make a painting where the teacups and flowers on a flat piece of paper looks like the real thing, my designs will make you love your mirror again!    Too tall or too short?  They can fix that, too. 

If you always avoided earth tones because you think they don't suit your complexion, take another look at browns in the Grasses cashmere scarf.  Nestled within the design -- at one end are the roses and teal colors.  And at the other end, there are the corals and navy colors at the opposite end of the color spectrum.  Glorious color combinations that most designs are afraid to use will turn heads whenever you enter a room.

 Cashmere/Silk                    Modal

Prepare yourself for a sensory delight!  These fabrics are soft as a summer breeze.  Lightweight and almost sheer, they'll amp up your style all year long.  Best of all, they cling to your curves but discreetly glide over any bulges that may have popped up.

So many ways to wear these large scarves.  They're about 28" x 80" and that gives you lots to work with.  From petite to plus size, they're both long enough and wide enough for you to make scarf magic.

Keep two in your purse!

I always keep two in a tiny baggie in my purse for "climatic emergencies" like restaurants that are always too cold.  The American Steel scarf with its strong black and grays (and just a hint of teal) goes with all the neutrals that are my "power" outfits.  And Beach Treasures is full of the cheerful pastels that brighten any occasion.

Both the cashmere/silk and the modal fabrics are sturdy and require little except an occasional trip to the drycleaner to be freshened.

In the meantime, just fold them in thirds or quarters along the length and then roll them around any tube-like object to keep them nice and neat.  It takes a lot of abuse for them to wrinkle.