About Us

Here’s the You Part: 

You’re here because you saw something pretty that I designed.  You liked the colors and the description of the item. 

You’ve got good taste!   So while you're here, use that terrific fashion sense to pick up those gifts that you know you'll need.  Check out presents that will get you those special hugs that mean they really love what you chose!

Here’s Me: 

My name is on my products because I’m proud of them.  I’ve tested each one, not only to make sure they wear well, but to see how other people react.  Women do a double-take when I pass by.  Their eyes widen as they check out the unique blend of colors in each design.  (Anything with teal or aqua will always catch the eye.  But the coolest of all is that anything with a lot of that bright hot pink is likely to get a gasp of delight that just bubbles out of people!)

When you receive whatever you bought (thanks in advance!), I guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with it. 

The totes and clutch bags are sturdy and well-made without being heavy.  And, of course, each one looks fabulous!

If you bought a scarf, you should sit down before you open it. 

It’s gonna be great! 

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The Best of the Best: 

My award-winning designs are transferred on to fabrics and leather to create the products you see here.  Only the best manufacturers will do!

Most of the items – and all of the ones in Limited Edition – are made by Vida.  They are responsible for my success because I never planned on designing products.  My art was always in a frame in an art show or gallery!  But, somehow, Vida found me and invited me to create for them.

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Vida also emphasizes using renewable materials, so the cute cashmere goats just get haircuts, the silkworms live to spin another day and new beech trees are pruned or replanted.  If these products ever end up in a landfill, they’ll quickly biodegrade to nourish whatever comes next.  Some products are made of leather, but I cannot bear to give up burgers; at least these items will soon decompose.  So you and I together will gently tend Mother Earth!

My products are only made in small quantities.  Too many goods end up in the landfill, so less really is better.