Digital Art Online Class with Penny Kritt

Digital Art Online Class with Penny Kritt

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You can create digital art on any smart device including your PC, tablet or smart phone!

This three session class is primarily a demonstration of standard functions of art apps (software) that are probably already on your devices.   I'll be using the Procreate app on an iPad, but even old versions of Microsoft Word can do much of what you'll see in this presentation.

Whether you're a newbie or already creating digital images for fun or profit, every artist should know how these functions can make your composition choice easier and likely to produce a better finished product.

For example:

What color should a background be?  Should it be just a monochromatic shape?  And if that doesn't work, how many shapes will best suit your center of interest?

Experimenting with colors (and the colors that go next to them) is now both easy, accurate and reproducible!

Your choice of brushes -- and brushstrokes! -- is unlimited.  You'll even see how to make your own digital brushes.  

Class dates are Wednesdays, February 17 and 24 and March 3.  Each class is 90 minutes long. 

Choose from two times:  10:30 am to noon or 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Questions?  Call me at 301/989-1799