AAA Limited Editions

When unique fashion is critical, buy luxury items direct from me, Penny Kritt, the designer of everything on this website.  The difference is that the Limited Edition products are just that, sold directly only to a very small number of shoppers or their stylists.  Whether you just want something different, or you run in circles where the latest style is a blood sport, this is the place to find the treasures that will make others turn green with envy.


Every design is my own original artwork on luxury materials.  Everything is practical and made to do double duty, but, wow, does it feel great! Choose from scarves made of cashmere and traditional silk.  Or select scarves made of modal, a botanical silk that uses tree bark (no worms!) for the softest feel you can imagine!  There are also bags of leather and cotton.  Or choose practical polyester for when you’ve got to carry your Jimmy Choo sneakers that you got all muddy.

Read eioejeojeorjwojfojfoiwerj to learn about how I chose a manufacturer that creates elegant products in from renewal products that are gentle on the earth.  You'll feel even better about your purchase!